Why do we use Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is a relational database management system that comes packaged with the Microsoft Office Professional suite. At Geckodb, we have chosen MS Access as our preferred platform to work with because of its flexibility, compatibility and the fact that it is relatively cheap to set up and maintain. These days many Australian businesses use Microsoft Office as their software of choice for the day to day running of their business needs. So for us it makes perfect sense that MS Access would be the ideal database management system for small to medium businesses. Lets take a look at some of the reasons that might make MS Access the platform of choice for you or your business.

  • Easy integration with other MS Office applications. MS Access can be easily used to export data to Excel, Word or email through Outlook.
  • Access has the familiar feel of other Microsoft Office products, which makes it very user friendly.
  • Included with MS Access is all the components required to make sophisticated, easy to use relational databases in a minimal amount of time. This means that your business can benefit from cost and time savings much sooner.
  • The availability of MS Access means that there is a good chance that you already own a licence and have a version installed on your PC.
    • Even if you don't own a copy of MS Access, we can supply you with a free "run time environment" which will enable you to use your database even without an installed copy of Access.
  • MS Access has been designed to make it extremely easy to set up databases in a way that makes them accessible to multiple users at once.
  • Due to its popularity, MS Access databases are relatively cheap to set up compared to other database management systems such as Oracle or SQL Server.
  • Microsoft has a long history of developing software applications, and MS Access is no exception. With this in mind, you can feel assured that your product will not become outdated and that support will be available for years to come.
  • Databases created with the MS Access platform are easy to modify. If you need a new report created on existing data or something simple changed on a form, we can usually apply these changes after hours, meaning no down time for your business.
  • Databases made with MS Access are easily upgraded with new versions and updates released by Microsoft.

At Geckodb, we believe that Microsoft Access is the most cost effective, easy to use database management solution for small to medium businesses and organisations.

If you think that a MS Access database might be the right solution for you or your business, don't hesitate, take a look at our services page and get in contact with us today!

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