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Custom Database design and development

Have you ever considered how much time and money your business wastes collating paper filing systems and other paper based documents? A custom tailored database solution could increase the efficiency and productivity of your business, giving you and your employees more time to focus on providing a quality service to your customers.

At Geckodb, we understand the importance of quality service. You can trust that your needs will be catered to professionally, providing your business with a cost effective, time saving solution that fits your specific and unique needs.

Advantages of a Custom database

You might be asking yourself what's wrong with those generic databases that are readily available? Or why you should change from a system of spreadsheets to a custom database? These are valid questions, and you might have others. So lets take a look at some of the many reasons why a custom database might be useful to you or your business:

  • You play a significant role in the development of your database.

  • Processes such as data entry and calculations can be done much more efficiently.

  • Removes redundancy, i.e. storing information only once and preventing duplication.

  • Store only the information that you need, in the way that best suits you.

  • Data can be analysed and reported on in a way that specifically meets your needs and in a way that best represents you or your business.

  • Custom tailored databases are made to be user friendly. Intuitive interfaces make data entry and reporting easy and a well structured internal help system helps you solve problems quickly.

  • Custom databases have the ability to be easily altered as your business grows or changes direction.

  • Software that is available "off-the-shelf" might be suitable in some instances, however their rigid design can be confusing and difficult to use. More than likely you will have to change the way you do things just to get use out of it.

At the end of the day, it comes down to time and money. A custom database should increase the efficiency of your business, which in turn will leave you with more time to focus on that which is most important - conducting your business.

Custom database development: The process

Lets take a look at some of the steps that are required for successful database development, and go through how we intend to use these steps to full effect in building a custom database solution for you.


This is a key phase in the development of your database. Here  we will determine the purpose of the system and what you require it to do. At this first stage, it's all about discussing  your business needs so that before we even begin to put anything down on paper, we have a good understanding of  your requirements. The analysis phase is closely linked with the planning stage. Here we will define the objectives of the project based on the needs of your system. After discussing the situation we will look at the systems your business currently has in place. We will also consider the limitations of your current systems and how they can be overcome with your custom database. The design process is where it all comes together. After modelling your requirements to come up with a logical conceptual design, we will begin to build and program your database. This is where the tables, queries, forms and reports are created and the usability of the system is determined. Here we will launch the database on your network or PC for use. Once implemented, the database must undergo an initial testing period to ensure that it meets your requirements. During this period we will "fine tune" the system to maximise its performance and make any potential changes as requested by you. We will provide on going maintenance and support after your database has been implemented. One of the best things about a custom database is that if your requirements change in the future, we can make changes to your database to meet and enhance your needs!

Customised solutions that fit your business needs

A custom database is a fantastic investment for your business. At Geckodb we understand that every organisation is different and we strive to provide you with a database solution that fits your unique needs. A custom database can help you to streamline your work systems and improve efficiencies - ultimately saving your business time and money. We can provide customised data management solutions for just about any situation you can think of, here's a couple to get you thinking:

  • Lab quality control data recording and analysis.
  • Lab sample retain management systems.
  • Sporting tournament/Event databases.
  • Stock and inventory control.
  • Sales and purchase ordering systems.
  • Customer/patient management systems.
  • Employee management systems.
  • Many many more...

If you or your business is interested in a custom database solution, consider Geckodb for the job. If you want to take a look at some of the projects that we have created, check out our products section, or if you have an enquiry, feel free to contact us. If you are curious about our fees and how we charge, take a look at our services page for a complete run down.

At Geckodb, we love what we do, so you can feel assured that your business' best interests are safe with us.

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