Planning for your database is one of the most important phases of database development. A well planned database should result in a finished product that is intuitively set out and easy to use. If you get in contact with Geckodb these are some of the questions we will be asking you before we can begin designing or building your MS Access database.

Planning guide for database development

  • What is the purpose of the database?
  • What information will the database store?
  • How many people will use the database?
  • Will the database be installed across a network or on a single PC?
  • What systems are you using currently that could be incorporated into the new database (example: reworking excel spreadsheets into a database)?
  • Are there any new features that could be included into the database that might be useful?
  • If your database will be used by multiple users, does there need to be different levels of access (for example do managers need access to forms/reports that department level users do not)?
  • Will there need to be security for logging into the database?
  • Will training need to be given to users?
  • Do you have systems in place to back up the database on a frequent basis?
  • Do you need the database completed within a specific timeframe?
  • Is there a defined budget for the development of the database?
  • What information will you need to retrieve from the system? i.e. reports, and how do they need to be presented?
MS Access Database Planning

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