Geckodb specialises in the custom creation of Microsoft Access Databases for small to medium businesses and organisations.  An effective database should increase the efficiency and productivity of your business by allowing an easy means for data entry/storage, along with a straightforward means for analysing data in the way that best suits you or your business. If you are curious about the idea of having a custom developed database, please take a look at our custom database design page. If you are wondering wether MS Access would be the right choice for you, have a look at why we prefer to use MS Access over other database management software.

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If you have decided that a custom MS Access database is just what you or your business needs, and are considering Geckodb to undertake the project, then this page outlines how we operate and what fees we charge.

How do we charge?

1. Discuss your requirements
Before a firm quote can be given, a representative from Geckodb will meet with you (if you are local, telephone conference otherwise) to establish the requirements of your database and determine exactly how you would like the application to compliment/improve your existing systems. We will ask you questions about how you currently conduct business. It may be helpful if you are able to show us examples of how you currently do things so that we can model your database in a way that best suits your workflow. During this phase, we may make suggestions to add functionality to your system that you may not have previously considered.

2. Quotation
Once the objectives of your database have been fully defined, we will provide you with a written quote. The quote will outline the maximum cost, provided that you do not request any significant changes to the database during the course of the project. If you do request changes that are deemed significant in terms of working time it will take to complete, we will provide you with a new quote taking into account these changes. We will inform you if the changes that you request will constitute significant changes before proceeding further with the project.

3. 25% of the quote up front to begin work.
To accept your quote and begin work on your database, an initial 25% of the quoted cost will be required as a deposit. If for any reason on the part of Geckodb, the project can not be completed, the deposited amount will be refunded in full.

4. 50% of the quote at the testing stage.
During the development phase, we will keep you updated on the progress of your database. Once we have completed a prototype, we will require a further 50% of the quoted cost and then you will be given a testing version of it for a period of two weeks. During this time the functionality and usability will be determined by you. After testing we will discuss any changes/additions that you would like to have made. Small changes may be implemented free of charge. Additional functionality or changes to the original design may require an update to the original quote. We will advise you if this is the case.


Regular rate:


Redesign/Modification rate: $90.00/hr


Support and work that is required to be completed outside of regular working hours: $100.00/hr

5. Final balance at hand over of the finished product.
The final working version of your database will be provided once any requested changes have been made. At this point, we will provide you with an invoice outlining time spent on each component of the project. The final balance payment is required before the completed working version of your database is provided.

We also provide fixed quotations for clients who require work to be completed within a budget. Contact us today to find out more!

Database Redesign & Modification

As your business grows, or the focus of it changes, you might find that the data management software that you use no longer fulfils the specific needs that it was originally created for. In addition to custom database development, Geckodb offers a redevelopment and modification service for pre-existing MS Access databases. Some of the reasons that you might require to have a database rebuilt or modified include:

  • The direction of your business has changed, and therefore so has the needs of your data management system.
  • Parts of your existing MS Access database have become redundant and could benefit from being removed or changed so that they are useful again.
  • Your business currently uses an "off the shelf" database management system, that does not effectively meet the needs of your business.
  • You currently use a series of spreadsheets to store important data, and this doubles up on data input which could be removed by implementing a conventional database management system.
  • A redeveloped database could give an increase in speed and efficiency.
  • Customised new reports might better analyse business data.
  • Add functionality to existing MS Access database.

Please refer to the fees and rates chart on the right, along with the "how we charge" section above for a detailed run down of how we conduct business.

Ad hoc or side-by-side work

If you have a database that requires work to be carried out, you are building a new database and require some help to get it off the ground, or just need some assistance to get a certain part functioning, Geckodb is now offering a service wherein we will come to your place of business and work with you "side-by-side". This is a cost effective solution for you to get the database that you want, and a bit of MS Access training along the way.

Ad hoc or "side-by-side" work is charged at $190.00 which includes one hours work and then our regular rate thereafter. Contact us today if you think that this kind of work might be suitable for you or your business.

Call Out Work

If you require work to be completed on site by Geckodb that has not been otherwise quoted for, then we are more than happy to come to your place of business and work at your discretion.

Call out work is charged at $190.00 for an initial one hours work, and then our regular rate thereafter. Contact us today if you have a problem with a MS Access database, or wish to have work completed on-site.

Guarantee & Support

All databases developed by Geckodb are guaranteed for a period of 12 months, during that period any bugs or coding errors will be fixed free of charge.

We also offer paid support for maintenance of your database on short notice. If you require something added or changed (for example a new report to be written) we will work outside of regular hours to complete the job. If tables need to be changed, we will require your database at the close of business, and if the job is not to big, we will have it returned by the following morning. If it is a larger job, we may request to implement the changes over a weekend, giving us the time needed to complete the task.

Please refer to the fees and rates chart on the right, along with the "how we charge" section above for a detailed run down of how we conduct business.

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